About us

Heart in Italy, home in Helsinki

The Italian restaurant Bacco serves handmade pasta, Roman pizza and classic Italian treats with a modern touch. Bacco is a lunch restaurant, pizzeria and enoteca. We welcome all, who love good food, to the relaxed atmosphere of Bacco.

Bacco is the latest addition to the Italian restaurant family of Paola Chiodo, who is the restaurant keeper. Paola was born in Rome, raised in Milano and educated in her mother’s hometown, Helsinki. She chose the best flavors from two cultures to her family restaurant. A thought about real, atmospheric Italian restaurant was born in the dinner table. In 2009 Paola fulfilled her dream and opened Ristorante Vaelsa. The restaurant is loved and taken care of with the same dedication as Paola’s own family.

When Paola got the chance to expand her restaurant business to Bacco, she seized the opportunity to continue Bacco’s well started restaurant operation at once.